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About KISA

In order to expand digital trust service and establish global competition as a leading digital agency thorough international standard activities, KISA is willing to build an amicable relationship with various global organizations all over the world by collaborating digital cooperative projects including e-document exchanging service with multilateral countries.


In the era of digital deepening, 'data' is emerging as a key element for successful driving, and the use of 'electronic documents', the basic infrastructure, is emerging to activate large amounts of data.

Electronic documents are essential resources for data generation. Beyond the physical limitations of paper documents, they improve convenience and enable efficient resource utilization. In addition, the importance of electronic documents will continue to increase, as they create new values through data analysis and utilization based on trust services, ultimately changing the lives of people without paper.


Expanding international standardization activities related to electronic documents and electronic transactions, and disseminating leading cases of digital transformation, aims to enhance the global status of electronic documents in Korea among both the public and industry.

Expansion of electronic document distribution services involves strengthening the role of electronic documents through the promotion of international standardization, including the introduction of a standard identification system (using OID*, etc.).

*OID: Object Identifier (OID): International standard entity identifier jointly developed by ITU and ISO/IEC

Establishment of domestic legal system integration and promotion of trust services based on the global electronic document and electronic transaction legal system (UNCITRAL Model Law, eIDAS, etc.)


01.  Managing the Electronic Documents Act and System

▶ Researching and improving related laws and systems to promote the use of electronic documents

02.  Facilitating Electronic Document and Electronic Transaction Services

▶ Planning, discovering, and implementing new services such as electronic receipts, electronic invoices, and electronic test reports

03. Promoting International Cooperation and Standardization of Electronic Documents and Transactions

▶ Participating in international conferences related to electronic document laws (UNCITRAL, etc.), policies, systems, and standardization

▶ Strengthening international cooperation in digital transformation among other countries

04. Operating an Accredited Electronic Document System

▶ Operating an authorized system for electronic document creation, distribution, and storage (designation, certification management, and system improvement etc.)

  • (Certified e-document Center) Ensuring reliability and integrity through safe storage
  • (Certified e-document Intermediary) Guaranteeing transmission and reception through secure electronic document distribution
  • (Certified e-document Production) Ensuring the identity of electronic documents and original paper documents

05. Establishing New Business Opportunities in Electronic Document Services

Implementing new services in both private and public sectors using electronic documents to enhance public benefits

  • 2020
    Research on non-preferential rules of origin applied in the European Union, Japan and the United States (Research on non-preferential rules of origin of the European Union, Japan and the United States - Outline and comparative study on the product specific rules of origin applied to major product sectors).
  • 2019
    Research on the electronic processing of transaction by international trade in the South and Southwest Asia.
  • 2018
    Research on the certification and verification practices under the preferential rules of origin in the European Union.
  • 2017
    Research on the electronic processing of transaction by international trade in the Central and South Americas and the Caribbean.
  • 2016
    Research on the economic unions in the African region and its development of the electronic processing.