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2013 eAsia Awards

About the Contest
The contest is open to any company or organization nominated by Head of Delegate of AFACT member countries within the due time. The purpose of the awards is to recognize the significance and great effort made within AFACT community and to encourage knowledge and experience sharing.

eAsia Awards contest 2011 was held in Chinese Taipei

eAsia Awards contest 2011 was held on November 04, 2011.

12 projects from 7 countries were participated in this year contest:

Based on the evaluation sheets received from all Evaluation Committee members, three top ranked projects were selected by 2011 Host Secretariat and were invited to participate in eAsia Day during the plenary meeting. Based on the score each project received, the nominated proposals were:

Bridging Digital Divide

1. The Project for Providing Assistance of Digital Opportunity Center

2. Internet Nation- Wide Knowledge Networking

3. Tracenet (Traceability and Certification System for Organic Products)

eBusiness in Private Sector

1. Realization of Green Cloud Comuting ~Green EDI Collaboration with Fincncial EDI~

2. The Cool Chain System Development of Chinese Fast-Food

3. KTB Invest Smart Card (EPR)

eBusiness in Public Sector

1. National Science and Technology Information Service (NTIS)

2. Iran Fuel Card Project (IFCP)

3. Impetus of E-invoices and its Application to the Business Sector

Trade Facilitation

1. The Standardization Project of Technology and Information for Efficient Logistics Transport

2. General Cargo Operations Mangement System (GCOMS)

3. ICEGATE Upgrade Project

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